April 29, 2012

April 29, 2012 - The Cycle

Back to a woman's perspective! Again, from the Little Black Book with some editing. If you were reading this straight out of the book, you would see what I mean!

He has been watching you all night. The blue of his eyes catches you off guard. Everyone else has eyes so dark, you see no colour. But him. He stands out. His blue eyes look like they are glowing. No one else seems to notice him. Those eyes are all for you. Girls and guys alike dance by him as though he was nothing but a shadow. Your heart quickens, your mind thinks it's too good to be true, your gut knows it isn't. But you've been alone too long.

You choose to listen to your heart. The friends you are with are talking. Their words are lost in the noise. Your best friend in the world taps you on the shoulder. She noticed him, too. But she mentions having to leave early. She takes the others with her. Mentions a house party on the other side of town. Now, it's just you and him.

Well, and everyone else at the club. But they don't matter. He matters. He starts to leave and you can't help but follow. Those blue eyes beckon you. They make you chase him. It's freezing outside. The coat you wore is still in the club.

But you can't get it now. You might lose sight of this man. His face is still hidden. Not that you care. With eyes like those, he has to be amazing. There's no way he isn't. He can't be!

An orange street lamp lights him up. The light must be playing tricks on you. His body is amazingly muscular and strong. But his face. It has to be the light. There is no way... His face is horribly scared from multiple burns and cuts. The bright orange lamp makes every wound look fresh. This can't be the man with the amazing blue eyes...

He steps out of the light and you are back under his spell. It's as if his face never existed and this man is just a pair of glowing blue eyes. It's your turn to walk under that street light, and it feels hot. You notice he stopped. Like he wants you under that hot light. Then you realize you aren't on the street under a light.

It's a warehouse. All the lights come on and it looks like you are in an oven. And you realize that the light wasn't playing tricks. The burns and cuts are real. But they look more like claw marks. You look at your own beautifully manicured hands as a door closes.

Other girls before you had more courage. They at least tried to attack this man. But you were never strong. The giant oven starts to slowly cook your body. You'd cry if you could. The man is watching you die. He's pleasuring himself to it. Your legs start working. You run to the door and pound on the large glass window. You are the lucky one.

It breaks for you and you climb out as he runs for the warehouse door. The thick glass cuts you. Adrenaline is the only thing keeping you up as you grab a shard of glass with your bare hand. You don't even notice how badly you are bleeding. It's a lot, though. He begs for his life as you close the distance. Thoughts of the girls before you run through your brain as you slice into his flesh mercilessly.

When you are done, you care for your wounds. Clean up the warehouse. Fix the equipment. Buy it. Move in.

It's home now.

And the vicious cycle continues... Except...

You don't plan on ever getting caught.

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