April 12, 2012

April 12, 2012 - Just Watch Me

Your friends are a little crazier than usual. It's been a long night of drinking. Most of  the girls hanging out tonight have wandered off and hooked up. The only thing you expect to hear from them in the morning is stories of the drunks they ended up leaving with. You never have the heart to remind them how plastered they were as well. The guys, though, are mostly still there. On a normal night, they would have been the first to wander off with the shit-faced girls that are all around you.

It doesn't matter, though. Because tonight, well tonight you are the center of attention for them. All because of three small words.

 You can't believe what you are even doing. It started out as a drinking contest with the bartender. If you could out-drink him, you and your friends... Well, he'd pay the tab. How could you resist? The tab had to be at least a couple thousand dollars by now! What with all the drinks your boys have been sending to the girls they plan on taking home. It's your time to shine.

It takes a while, but the bartender gives before he passes out. You aren't even close to drunk. But you were the designated driver. Guess that plan was out the window. Not that it matters now, because there is someone just down the bar that has been eying you since the little contest began. She has one of those faces you've seen before. And those eyes are stunning.

But there is a guy with her. Your boys are egging you on. After all, it's your night to shine, they say. You almost believe them... Almost. That is until one of them walks over and tries to strike up a conversation. Well, the guy with her turns out to be her fiancé. There goes that plan. Your buddy is knocked the fuck out. Do you go and help him?

You decide it's best if you stay out of it. The fiancé has other ideas. There are those words again. Only he said them. She tried to stop him. but those words.

Just watch me!

Before you know it there is a knife drunkenly put to your throat. Turns out, he thought it was your idea. All because of a little drinking contest the guy thought you were trying to steal his girl away. Drunks are so funny... Most of the time. But you aren't laughing. You were never laughing. Not even when you beat the bartender at that stupid drinking game.

No one is coming to your aid. You are just sitting at the bar about to die. And for what? All you did was get drunk. Not that anyone cares.

The cops finally show up and take the guy away. His fiancée is less than impressed and shoves the ring in his pocket. You never wanted anything like this to happen. Hell, shit like only happens in movies... Right? But the fact the girl is now crying at the bar doesn't make it any less real. Your buddies are all in shock at what just happened. The girls, having been disappointed by their 'dates', have come back just in time to see the end.

The stories start pouring in. You ignore them all. You know exactly what started it. As it turns out, the bartender is her father. That's why she was looking at you. It was a challenge. Nothing more. But now her heart is broken. Now, you can't get home because you have no money and your friends have left with your car. All because of three little words.

Just watch me...

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