April 15, 2012

April 15, 2012 - Are You There

Wrote this a while ago. I though it was kind of neat <3 Hope you enjoy it!

The room is dark. So very dark. You can barely see the pale faces around you.

"Are you there?"

You don't know who you are calling to yet. No one answers. They just dance around you. One of them is whispering. It's a girl. You wish you knew who you were calling.

"Are you there?"

Now, they stop and look at you. You can't see them staring at you with unblinking eyes. The girl is still whispering. Giggles and shushed laughter surround you. Obviously she said something funny about you. You realize it's her you are calling. At least... You think it's her. The darkness makes it hard to tell if she is really there or just a shadow against a wall.

"Are you there?"

They start dancing again. But you can't see the whispering girl. She's hidden in the shadows and you shiver. A cold breeze tickles your neck. It's her. Why is her breath cold? You don't know.

"Are you there?"

She doesn't talk. Instead, she trails her fingers down your back and chest. Her skin is cold. You start to wonder.

"Are you there?"

You can see her in front of you now. Her face is almost glowing in the dark. Her eyes are nothing but shadows. Her cloak hides the rest of her.

"Are you there?"

Her voice is icy with a terrifying surprise.

"No. I'm not."

She dances off with the others as they fall back into the shadows.

And you realize... No one was there.

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