April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012 - Rain

A little story from my Little Black Book. Just thought I would share a few of these undated stories here. There has been a bit of minor editing on my part as there were some things I was always meaning to change.

She dances in the rain. Every night they would watch her, for the rain never ended. Her long black hair flowed around her like the deepest river. Her pale white skin stood out in the dark and did not seem affected by the icy water trailing over it. Bright, almost glowing, blue and green eyes seemed oblivious to the crowd that watched her.

But something was wrong this night. A little girl, no more than 6-years-old, looked at the sky. The little girl tugged at a man's sleeve and pointed up.

"Mister, what are those?"

He looked up with her, a look of shock and fear on his face. Stars twinkled overhead. Soon, everyone was looking and pointing to the clear sky; the dancing girl forgotten.

Silence turned to whispers; whispers to crying and shouting. And still, the odd-eyed girl danced. That is, until the little girl looked at her. That look, a look of pure, unadulterated terror, stopped the dancing girl. Her raven black hair fell down her back, dead still. She cocked her head so only her blue eye saw the brilliant stars.

All eyes fell back on her pale form. The young girl ran as the dancer opened her mouth, head tilted back, facing the sky. One man felt something warm drip from his ear. At first, he though it was just a bit of water. He touched his hand to his ear and brought it back in front of him. The man's eyes darted to everyone. Their ears were bleeding.

The sudden shock sent them all to the ground. Now, they heard the scream. A scream of rage that burned in her very soul. The rain was gone. All the girl could do now was scream, even after they were all dead. The only survivor was that little girl.

Months later, she was found hundreds of miles away from where she had last been seen.

It was raining...

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