April 28, 2012

April 28, 2012 - Wax

This is the second story from my Little Black Book. This one is from a man's point of view. Like before with the other story, there has been some editing done. These stories are a few years old and the original written text shows as such.

You watch her. You don't know her name, but you see her every day. Her eyes make her stand out. The shade of green looks venomous. A toxic look from an angelic girl. You finally get up the courage to walk over to her. You notice she's dressed in black.

Her name.

It's what you crave. What you desire. She whispers it in your ear. A shiver runs down your spine. She looks at you, eyes piercing your soul. You can't take your eyes off her as she walks away.

This mysterious girl has you trapped in her web. Not knowing or caring what happens, you follow her like a lost puppy. Maybe it's the alcohol. Maybe it's the fact you haven't slept in days. You don't know.

But your life is in her hands. Hands hidden by long black gloves. In fact, you just noticed that only her face shines out from the black material. It scares you.

But only for a moment. Her eyes meet yours and you're trapped again. In her eyes is everything you ever wanted. You blink. It's dark. Once your eyes adjust, you see something nailed to a tree.

A hot liquid hits your cheek. Trying to wipe it away, you feel more of it hit you. It's wax. The girl you were following... Her head is nailed to the tree with a railway spike. Her eyes are open. It looks like she hasn't been dead that long. And you see why. She's been coated with wax. All fluids replaced. The wax keeps dripping on you.

You don't even know where it's coming from. Looking up is impossible. Screaming isn't an option. Right now, you can breathe. But you feel something stab your right shoulder. You scream. Hot wax hits your tongue. It chokes you. Your eyes dart around, trying to see where the wax is coming from. Something hits your leg. It's a child's doll.

A child?

No. You don't want to believe a child could do this.

Her sing-song voice catches you off guard.

You look towards the voice. She looks just like the woman you were watching. Following. Are they related? You never understand the answer. The pain is too much. It's getting hard to move, think, breathe. You realize you're being turned into a wax figure.

Just like the woman...

Her head doesn't look like wax anymore. It screams at you. The little girl laughs and pets it's hair. Seeing them side by side... Twins?

Before you can figure it out, your lungs and heart are wax. Not able to breathe, you die painfully. Laughing at you, the girl skips away, a head tucked under her arm.

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