April 20, 2012

April 20, 2012 - Failure

This story is based off of my own feelings. I won't go into details, but this piece is one of the most personal pieces will probably ever write. I love you all, dear readers. This is for you.

You failed them.
All of them.
How can you even look at yourself?
Yeah, they said you did good. They say you did the best you could. But you still failed. And now something is probably going to die in some little black hole that you dug for them.
I mean, really.
How can you live with yourself knowing that you probably killed someone, hmm?
You can't!
You shouldn't!
It wouldn't be too hard to off yourself! The knife drawer is right there. Barely six feet away from where you are sitting right now! Fuck, you can't even see straight cause you are balling like a fucking failure.
Like a failure? HA!
You are failure!
You should. Come on, just get off your fat ass and go over there! This is just one more reason to finish the job! Do you think death really wants to wait for you, you fat fucking failure?
I don't even need to tell you how badly you fucked up! You already know! You can't even eat, dumb cunt! And I don't need to tell you why! Sick of yourself, sick of living, sick of being a fucking failure!!
Don't believe them! You know you fucked up!

Failure - A Poem

You always have been,
And you always will be!

The knife is there,
Sharp and sweet,
It's calling your name!

Take it in your hand,
Draw it over your skin,
Carve your feelings.

Soft flesh,
It gives way,
Painting a red picture.

You couldn't finish!
Couldn't even kill yourself!

Always have been,
Always will be!

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