April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012 - Brick Walls

This one is a little creepy, but I didn't think it was adult in any way. More just a little creepy.

Everything around you is red brick walls. Miles and miles of walls. Yes, the shades of the individual bricks varies, but it doesn't matter. There are no windows at all. Not even doors. You think they are buildings, but it's just one long seamless brick hallway. Anything you say echos back at you. Not planning on staying where you are, you start to walk.

It doesn't take you anywhere. At least, you don't think it does. You walk for what you think is hours. The sun doesn't move. The walls look the same. The ground... You just now notice the colour. Wet blood. You don't want to touch it for fear of it being real. You look back at the walls and keep walking.

No matter where you go, there doesn't seem to be any end. Not even any dead ends. Just twists and turns everywhere. Not another soul to be seen as you wander aimlessly. Until....

You finally reach the end. There are nothing but girls there. Not the over 18 kind. These are girls between 8 and 14. All prepubescent. The look at you. The look in their eyes is far to old for their bodies. You have seen that look before. They all wander over to you, that look still there and growing stronger.

All you can do is run away. You hear them chase you. There is a light splashing sound, like running over wet pavement. And you realize it's the ground. It's blood, fresh, wet blood. The girls growl as they chase you with hungry eyes. You run faster.

A dead end. Literally. There are corpses everywhere. Some old, some new. They all vary in age. You collapse on your knees in the blood and cry. Unlike the others, you turn and face your attackers. They watch you. Their clothes, you now see, are covered in blood. They smile as they walk over to you, hugging you. They all lead you back to where they were waiting for you.

Still smiling. You sit down with them in the blood. Another man comes around that corner. He comes over to you to talk. Maybe try and find a way out. He's dead soon after. The girls let you eat from the man's flesh first. They know what you know.

You can't escape from the Brick Walls. And you are at peace with that. Just like these little girls.

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