March 24, 2012

March 24, 2012 - Burn

You see her, standing alone at the other end of the bar. It's still a little dark so you can't make out her features yet. You don't know who she is or why she's there, but you send a drink to her in hopes something can get started. She smiles at you and motions for you to join her. The place is a little crowded, so you have to push past a few people to get to her. Now that you see her, she's scared. Burn scars. You choke back your disgust as you smile and try to be friendly.

But she sees you don't like the way she looks. She knows she disgusts you.

And what she wants is you. She doesn't tell you her name and doesn't ask for yours. You look at her again and the scars are gone. She is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. She's perfect. You blink a few times to make sure it's real, to make sure she really isn't scarred. She isn't. It feels like a strange dream.

You start talking with her a bit. She tells you about her past, but you aren't sure it's real. Something about being abused by her family before they tried to burn her alive. Could be just something to get attention. Who knows. All you can focus on is how beautiful she is. There is no hint from her that she can tell you're staring at her. For all you know, she's telling you a book idea.

She's to beautiful for this to be real. She offers for you to come to her place. You accept. Hey, you might just get lucky tonight. Something to tell your friends in the morning. You don't realize you're getting into her car. Stupid, how are you going to get home? You had no plans on sleeping over. Hell, all you wanted was a bit of sex to brag about then go home. Oh well, now you have all night to keep going.

You aren't paying attention to the roads she's taking. You could be in another country for all you know. The thought scares you a little... And then you look at her. It's like the scars came back again. Then she sees you looking at her and they're gone. You start to think you're going crazy until you arrive at her house. There is nothing for miles but trees and rocks. The sound of running water is faint. The only light is the one on her front porch.

A front porch? Something you never though of before suddenly hits you. Where are you? Were you really thinking of having sex with her here? There is no turning back now. You follow her into the house. There aren't any lights on at all. She seems to be able to function just fine in the dark. You hear a match being struck. There are now lit candles on a table on the other side of the house. You make your way slowly over here... until you hear her voice.

It's a sweet melody. She's singing. You don't know the tune, but it doesn't make it any less beautiful. Then you remember her face. You want to see her in the candle light. Making your way through the house is slow. You get to the candles. There isn't anyone there. No matter how much you strain your eyes, you can't see anything. You grab one of the two candles off the table. It's easier to walk through the house now, but something is wrong. Very wrong.

The house looks burnt. What used to be wooden furniture looks like charcoal. Gasoline fumes choke you a little. You look all through the ground level and see nothing. There are stairs going up to the second floor. They look more wet than burned. You walk up them slowly. The singing starts again. You look through all the rooms. She's not there. There is another set of stairs. An attic?

These look the worst off. Your mind races with what could go wrong, what is wrong. You walk up them anyway. And there she is. Sitting on a charred bed, brushing her hair. She's so beautiful. She turns to you. That's when the scars show back up. There is no mistake that they were always there. Your stomach turns as you look around the attic room. There are metal gas cans everywhere. The candle wax is now dripping onto your hand. You almost drop it from shock.

She smiles, knowing you can't hold it forever. Your hand is burning from the wax. Finally, you can't help but drop it. The room lights on fire. She's laughing at you. Her sing-song voice haunting you as you burn alive. All these different thoughts run through your mind as you watch her brush her hair.

The last thing you remember is her smile as you close your eyes.

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