September 20, 2012

September 20, 2012 - Everyone Dies Alone

This is based on some of the most recent RP I've done with @CelesteTyn which was... Well, it was a little depressing. This little story is basically an alternate thing I was thinking up just to be depressing. Not everyone will approve, but that's why you aren't writing this <3

I also apologize for it being so short. I was unsure of how to make it any longer. Also, due to it being in twitter RP, there wasn't much point in making it very long.


Tess lay on her bedroom floor near her message terminal. She had sent a message off to Benji. He hadn't responded. Her body was wracked with pain. The man who had stabbed her hit her in the stomach. The medigel had only stopped her from bleeding out. Any other damage he had caused was unaffected. Sobbing by her bed, she wrote out everything she could remember from her life.

It seemed sad and cliched, but she had nothing else to do.

"S-spirits... w-why couldn't I have been stabbed on the Citadel..."

She had another coughing fit. There was blood in her saliva. Her message terminal was silent as she curled up tighter in her blanket. Everything was cold. Vision blurry, she tried to reach up to send another message.

"N-no...." She sobbed loudly. "I...I can't die like this..."

Her body shook violently as she screamed in pain. Nothing she had previously experienced had been like this. She'd had allergic reactions before, but nothing like this. And nothing paired with a painful stomach wound. She was feverish and sweating as she faded in and out of consciousness.

"C-can't...not like this..."

Breathing softly, she whimpered, Benji's name on her lips as she blacked out. Her message terminal stayed silent as her breathing stopped, body still curled up on the floor under her blanket.

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