February 10, 2013

February 10, 2013 - Another Day In Paradise

I don't know. I keep getting images from this and I needed to write it down before I went crazy. It's happy and the images that come to mind are beautiful and... I don't know... It's going to be pretty sort because this is just a scene I keep seeing in my mind and I can't get it out.

Take from it what you will, but I needed to write this down.

Enjoy it, anyway...

Note: This scene isn't something that bothers me. Just something I keep seeing in my mind that I felt like I needed to write down somewhere.

Her hair shone in the sun like fire on the tree tops. The field around her was full of wild flowers of all colours. Golds, purples, blues. But nothing stood out like the pale girl with her vibrant red hair as she dance through the field towards someone. Someone not too far in the distance.

His hair was just as striking, though for a much different reason. It was a white as fresh snow falling down a hill. While is back was to her, his stance was warm and inviting. Nothing about him was hostile or off-putting.

The smell of strawberries wafted over to the girl as she continued to move towards him, running all out as she got closer. In a sudden flurry of motion, the pair lay tangled together in the grasses and flowers, laughing. The  sound was clear and pure. The sound of pure unadulterated happiness.

Alone in the afternoon sun, they lay for hours. Laughing, talking, enjoying the comfortable silences that dotted their time together. The wind picked up a little, blowing pollen lightly over them. The boy laughed, trying his best to brush it off her. It only served to cover them both more and rub it into their clothes. She laughs with him, doing the same for the snow-haired boy.

Leaning over, he whispers something in her ear that makes her cheeks flush slightly. Jumping up, he makes it a race. Seeing who can make it to the water first. She squeals and giggles, casing after him. He stops just sort of the water, letting the red-haired girl win. Watching her run headlong into the water and trip over her own feet makes him laugh loudly.

With a slightly indignant huff, she splashes water at him. He sputters and tries to dry his face off with his hands when she splashes him. A mischievous grin crosses his face and he runs in after her, tackling her into deeper waters. Laughing manically, and able to touch bottom still, they engage in a heated splash war before finally trying to swim and wash off the pollen.

Their clothing makes the task much harder than it should have been. After only a few minutes, they give up and drag their heavy bodies back to shore. They lay on their backs on a wide flat rock, letting their clothes dry on their bodies. The sun is starting to set and there is still pollen on their clothes.

The girl gives a reluctant sigh as she stands, clothes still terribly damp. The boy on the other hand, smiles. Not long after he stands beside her, he pics her up in his arms. She squeals, wrapping her arms around his neck as he carries her back to a cabin hidden in the woods.

The cedar siding is on fire with the setting sun. The girl's hair has never looked more brilliantly on fire. Even the boy's hair is alight with reds and golds. They stand for a moment in each other's embrace, looking at the cabin. She looks up at him and whispers. He sets her on her feet and whispers in reply. His arms around her waist and her's around his shoulders, they share a tender and passionate kiss in the dim twilight.

When they break apart again, it's dark. A lone light inside the cabin shines out for them. But they don't see it. In that moment, all that matters is them. She smiles, examining his features a little more closely. She whispers again and she smiles down at her brightly. No words are necessary. They stand there for a while before making any motion to move towards the warmth of the cabin.

With her body tight against his, they walk slowly back to the cabin, following the soft glow from a window. They both shiver in the cold night air as the reach the door. He opens it before picking her up again, carrying her other the threshold. The gesture is sweet and tender. She doesn't squeal or giggle this time. The girl simply smiles, resting her head against his chest as he kicks the door closed behind them.

He swiftly carries her to the bedroom, knowing they both needed to change out of their wet clothes. The boy sets her down on her feet and, with a slight bow of his head, leave her in the room to change in private. She does the same for him when she is finished. When he finally emerges with strawberry red pyjama pants on, she is already on the couch in a green nightgown.

On the coffee table are two mugs of hot chocolate she had made while he changed. He had barely had a chance to comfortable when she grabbed both mugs, curling up against him and handing him one. A slight laugh escaped as he held the mug in one hand and wrapped his free arm around her. In comfortable silence, they sat together on the couch, watching the fireplace and sipping their hot chocolate.

Time passed around them as they sat in the warmth. The mugs now sat empty on the table. The girl gave a wide yawn. The boy gave one not long after. They speak to each other softly before she gets up and stands in front of him, holding her hands out. A warm golden aura surrounds her. He stands, taking her hands in his and leads her back to the bedroom.

The room is dark when they enter, but they don't need light. They know this part already. A soft rustle of fabric and a slight noise coming from her are the only sounds. They make sure the door is closed and locked, keeping out anyone who might wish to intrude on their time together.


When they finally awaken, their bodies are tangled in the sheets and each other. Their hair is a mess. And they don't care. The sunlight kisses their skin through the window and stirs them. She cuddles closer against his chest. There was no urge to get out of bed. No desire to move from each other's company. They simply lay cuddled together.

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