August 04, 2012

August 04, 2012 - Take My Sleep Away

I thought that if I made an update that wasn't PG 13 I might as well make one that is. I hope this is good. I'm more forcing myself to write to just get back into the habit.


It takes me away to magical places
Dancing through tree tops
Swimming in the deepest oceans
Flying through the clouds
On wings of Starlight

Don't take that from me
It's all I have left
My dreams
My life
They are mine
Forever and always
Protected from the outside world

My head is swimming
With dreams of pretty girls
Pretty boys
Handsome men
Beautiful women
They are all mine

Bare feet touching the softest grasses
In the biggest fields
With the most lovely flowers
In my meadow

Taking me away
To fantastic places
With fantastic people
And no one
No one
Can take me away from there.

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