June 21, 2014

Casual Takeover

I can't really explain all this right now. It's more of a test for some things. Don't worry about it too much~

Zevran sat crosslegged on his bed, playing with his omnitool. While this sort of thing had never really been a strong point for him it needed to be done. The "great" Captain Ajax was off who-knows-where doing god-knows-what. It had to stop. The crew was promised fame, fortune, a life of adventure. What they got were docking bays, bar fights, and less and less money. The drell did not sign on for that. He signed on for promise of pay. He couldn't even take assassination contracts on the side for how fickle the Captain was with their time. Disorganized at best, shamefully underprepared at the worst.
He was going to change that.
The coup would be silent and subtle. The crew wouldn't even know it was happening until it was already finished. Still... Someone was bound to find out the plans. Would they stay on under his banner? Would they leave? Kill him? Hard to say. And frankly, he didn't like to think about that too much. No. Zev needed to stay focused on his task. Unfortunately for Ajax, the coup would be done as legally as possible given the circumstances. The ship would be owned by one Zevran Arainai once all was said and done.
It was the perfect plan. Once everything was complete, once they were making a living, he would be a virtual Pirate King.
But that was all for later.
Much later.
He needed to work out a plan to tell the crew. Out of everyone, he thought Felicia would take it the worst. They had only just started getting to know each other after what felt like such a long time working with her. No. She couldn't find out. Not yet. It would have to be kept from her for now. As much as he wanted to include her in the plans, she would probably end up being more of a liability.
Zevran sighed and closed his omnitool. The assassin wouldn't be able to keep this secret from his new lover for long.

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